Why E-Design?

Why E-Design?

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.pngProvides a detailed and compelling “visuals” so you can see how the pieces will fit in your space and the feeling it will evoke.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png Budget friendly with various packages to choose from. You avoid paying high in-home design fees by getting a fixed package price. You will know exactly what you will be getting and what it will cost prior to ever beginning your project.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png Creates a “cohesive” plan for your space before spending money on expensive items that don’t go with one another.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png Allows you to phase and control your design budget completely. You decide which items you would like to purchase and when you would like to purchase them.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png Saves you tons of time looking for the right pieces in an overwhelming retail and online space…I’m an expert at shopping and judging quality, and  knowing where to find those perfect items.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png You will receive a detailed shopping list of all items with source web links. Helps you avoid costly mistakes because a plan with a visual sets the expectation of the room while showing items that may not fit the space or overall budget.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png Shows you to scale what items will work best next to one another.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png Keeps you to a design style that works in your home, with your lifestyle and a reflection of you.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png Ability to start  with what you own and love, then builds upon  YOUR vision  and style for a cohesive, affordable layout.

 E-Design is for YOU if…

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png You want a stylish house but has a difficult time envisioning how a room comes together.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png You are someone who does not have the time and/or patience to devote to designing a space.

cropped-42710919_2155161864722012_4942015329007042560_n.png You are a stylish do-it-yourself-er who needs help or has specific design issues.