The Process

The Process:

1. Go to our CONTACT page under Home to book your personal Discovery call.

 A 20-30 min. phone/video chat where I will help

you decide which package is best for you.


2. After booking your discovery call a questionnaire will be emailed to you. (If you are interested in our color coordination package you will need to fill out the color questionnaire in addition to the one that is emailed to you.)  It is imperative that the questionnaire be filled out in its entirety. This gives me an idea of your design style, ( Don’t know what your style is? Don’t worry we will figure it out together!)  likes and dislikes. This part of the process is crucial in helping me design a space you will love and guarantee we have the same vision. The more details you provide, the more personal and reflective your E-Design will be!

3.  Read and Agree to the Design Terms (click here)

4. Purchase a Package after we have our phone/video chat so that we can discuss which package best fits your needs.  You may preview packages here.

5. The Design Process Begins… you will receive your custom designed space within 2-3 weeks from our receipt of all needed items.

(Questionnaire,  Signed Design Terms, payment, room sizes,photos etc.)