Measurement & Photo Guidelines

Measurement Guidelines:

Step 1: For accuracy it is best to have someone help you measure your space. Always measure twice.


Step 2: Draw an outline of your space. Be sure to include placement of doors, windows and room openings.

Step 3: Record your measurements in inches

Step 4: When recording wall measurements, measure molding to molding.

Step 5: Include ceiling height and the height of the windows above the floor.

Step 6: Include measurements of any piece you would like to keep in the space. Be sure to not width (length), height and depth of each piece.

Interior Reflections is not responsible for inaccurate measurements and/or furniture pieces that do not fit as a result of inaccurate measurements.

Photo Guidelines:

Step 1: When taking your photos do not use a flash and take them during the day in good natural daylight. ( Close window treatments if needed to avoid glare)

Step 2: Take one photo from the entry point (doorway) and label this point.

Step 3: In a clockwise fashion, take a photo of each wall straight on ( try to stand back far enough to capture the ceiling)

Step 4: Take an additional photo from each corner of the room to show the relationship between the adjacent walls.

Step 5: Include photos of any furnishings you plan to keep.

Room Planner & Budget Calculator Worksheet