In-Home Consultation

In-Home Consultation

In-Home Consultation: $300

up to 2 hours  (local Tri-County Calaveras/Tuolumne/Amador)

One-time in home consultation where you’re in charge.

Have all your design questions and ideas written down before we meet. I will provide you with the right design direction by seeing what is working and what needs to change  to help meet your design goals. You can then take this in depth Q&A session and begin to turn your home into a space that reflects you. If you are wanting me to find products for you then please consider one of my E-Design packages.

How to prepare for our meeting:

  • Write down your goals. Think about how you want the room to feel, look and function. Find some inspiration photos of the things you like and the spaces that speak to the style you’d like to create.
  • Specify your problems. What design dilemmas can I help you with? Make a list, starting with your most pressing issue, and then continue on down with more items needing to be improved in order of how urgent they are. We will address as many or as few topics as  time allows.
  • Think about the extent of your project.  Do you have specific limitations in mind concerning budget, time frame, etc? Is this a major remodel or just a face-lift?

  • Need help deciding on a color scheme?  Let me know beforehand so I can bring my paint decks.

Please Note: If I arrive at your home and we come to the conclusion that your design needs are bigger than you imagined then we will look at my E-Design packages and decide which best suits your needs. You will then only be charged $200 for a discovery call meeting. We can then look at my E-Design packages and decide which bests suits your design needs.

Go to our  CONTACT page  to set up a in-home appointment.

Payment can be made at the time of our meeting.